What should you look for when choosing a TMS center?  

  We know how important it is to find a place where the care of the Patient is comprehensive and the treatment is carried out to the highest standards and taking into account aspects maximizing the success and effects of the therapy.
 When choosing a TMS therapy center, we suggest you pay attention to the following:  

     Indications for which TMS treatment is used

  • The most recent evidence-based guidelines emphasize that the definitive efficacy of TMS is proven only in the treatment of depressive disorders, neuropathic pain, and post-stroke motor dysfunction.

    In other indications such as anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, addiction or Alzheimer's disease, the efficacy of TMS is assessed as probable or possible, and the use of this method in treatment requires further research. Despite isolated reports on the beneficial effects of TMS in the treatment of personality disorders and to improve cognitive function in healthy individuals, experts do not recommend its use for these indications.  

Education of the TMS practitioner  

  • It is worth checking if this is a specialist whose qualifications are confirmed by a certificate authorizing them to conduct such therapy.   

Equipment on which the treatment is performed 

  • Not every TMS device is designed for clinical use. The equipment used in treatment should be certified for such use, which is the basis for the safety and effectiveness of the therapy.   

Number of treatments proposed 

  • According to research-based recommendations, for the treatment of depression, the optimal number of treatments is 20, and an additional 10 can be performed if there is a need to enhance the effect. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the therapy and recommendation for prolonging the treatment should be made by a specialist.   

Consultation in the healing process 

  • It is important that the care of the patient in the therapeutic process is comprehensive. Due to the nature of the disorders treated and the therapeutic methods applied, the cooperation of a psychiatrist, psychologist and a TMS therapy specialist allows to achieve the best results.